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Who We Are?

About Elens Bay

"We are a creative software development initiative based in Maine, USA. By leveraging the talents of skilled software developers around the country, we are able to create teams of developers hand-picked for each project allowing us to provide solutions from personal to enterprise across a wide array of disciplines."

- Bob Elens, Lead Solutions Architect

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Satellite Collaboration

Rather than maintaining a staff of developers in this company, our approach has been to create a network of developers around the country with a broad set of skills. As projects come up, the person in charge of the project reviews the network to find the right set of members to make up the team to work on the project.

Each of the team members are either individual contractors, or companies of developers, that are used and paid for only the duration of the project and for the time spent. This simultaneously reduces each company's/contractor's costs while increasing the types of projects that can be taken on.

Any resource in the network can bring a project to the group — there is no hierarchy of resources — and a resource owning and managing one project can also be a team member on another project.

Project Resource Matrix

Large organizations have used project/resource matrices to allocate their resources across a set of projects. We have adopted that approach and applied it to satellite collaboration. For any given project, resources (developers) are chosen based on their availability and matching skill set forming a project team.

Each resource determines how many projects to which they can be applied, and the result is a matrix like the one seen on the right. The black outlined circles indicate which resource is managing the project, and the other red circles indicate assignment of a resource to a project.

Bob Elens

The Elens Bay Company, LLC
Lead Solutions Architect

Over 30 years experience managing government research projects and commercial product development, but a hacker at heart. résumé

Josh Smith

Lead Web Designer

Josh's words: "This guy really makes you think maybe the impossible is possible. Then you realize he's not just bat shit crazy and wasting his and everybody elses time."

Pat Rooney

Coastal CXO Services, Inc.
Financial Advisor

With decades of experience as CEO, COO, and CFO of successful tech companies, Pat now uses his knowledge and expertise to help others start companies.

Mike Suchcicki

Ghoulash Games
Creative Genius

Mike continues adding to a long and successful career as a newspaper editor, writer, cartoonist, game developer, web developer, and most recently novelist.

Greg Guzman

Greg Guzman Media, LLC
SEO Guru

Greg's motto sums it up — "My job is to help people find your business online." Employing a broad arsenal of media strategies, he does just that.

Allyn Tobey

Agile Guru, Senior Java Developer

A skilled practitioner of Agile Development, and a Java developer with many years of experience. Oh, and he's really good.



You don't know me, but I have a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career.

What We Do?


Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We start with the right color palettes, typography, and components to give you the look and feel you want.

Responsive design

Responsive design

Our layouts are dynamic — always adjusting to provide the best layout for your displays.

Clean Tested Code

Clean Tested Code

We start with test-first design and excellent code written by skilled craftspeople, and finish with exhaustive final testing.

Full Documentation

Full Documentation

Every project is fully documented, internally and externally, so you will easily understand how it works and how to use it.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Applications come in all sizes, and mobile apps are among the most popular. That is why we specialize in them.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

While we can create solutions for the individual, almost every developer in our network started with large-scale enterprise-level systems.

Full-Stack Development

Full-Stack Development

From front-end to back-end, user interfaces to third-normal form databases, we have developers experienced in creating at every level and tier, whatever the need.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

We turn your data into information by providing beautiful and informative visualizations that drop into your site easily.

How do we do it?

Our Process

1. Planning

2. Design

3. Develop

4. Launch

Obviously the icons above describe a vast over-simplification of code development, so let's think of them as just decoration. In practice, developing solutions, both large and small, requires an arsenal of skills and approaches that are applied as is appropriate for each solution. That is, one size does not fit all. Two of the more common, and opposing, approaches are Agile and Waterfall.

Taking the Best from Agile and Waterfall

Waterfall is a seqential design process that rigidly goes through a series of steps to develop a design that cannot change during the process. If a design needs to change, the entire process must be restarted, discarding any products of the original work. Agile came about as a way to embrace the inevitability of changes, following an incremental approach by always having a complete solution at any point in the process — starting with the simplest one, and continuously adding more until the final solution is done.

We embrace the Agile approach, but start with as much of a design of the final solution as makes sense before writing any code. This ensures that many of the issues will have been foreseen before starting, while not spending too much time on a design that will ultimately change. The Agile employment of daily testing — unit, functional and integration — keeps us on our path, but we also know that only final user testing will ensure we don't "crash into Mars" because, while each component may test successfully, the ultimate system, without final testing, may have a flaw only seen by viewing the big picture, which means end-to-end hands-on user testing.

We believe our process will provide you with the greatest quality software.

Recent work.


Web Services
Web Design
Distributed Systems
Data Visualization
radiation treatment planning system
  • Integrating system with CTs, MRIs, PETs, and other treatment planning systems.
  • Working with DICOM and proprietary formats.
  • Specs languages: English, German, Japanese.
  • UNIX.
  • Time critical.
Radiation Treatment Planning
Unix / HealthcareIT
patient info on mobile device
  • Making patient data available on medical personnel's mobile devices.
  • Protocols: HL7, DICOM, IR
  • Tools: Mirth, MSSQL, Web
  • PDAs, Smart Phones, tablets.
  • Near real-time co-location of patient data.
Electronic Medical Records (EMR)
HealthcareIT / Mobile / Web Design
generic hie diagram
  • Bridged DoD healthcare IT system with private sector.
  • Member of team creating South Florida Health Information Initiative.
Health Information Exchange (HIE)
  • Developed regional HIE using National Healthcare Information Network(NHIN) specs.
  • This was the first NHIN prototype passing live data in the field.
  • It beat IBM, CSC, Accenture, and Northrup Grumman who were tasked with making NHIN prototypes by executive order years earlier.
Nationwide Healthcare Information Network
  • Web app for dealers to track their vehicles in auction. ASP.NET MVC 4
  • Mobile app for mananging inventory. iOS/And Cordova, jQuery Mobile
  • RESTful web services for APIs. JAXB, Glassfish
  • Much business logic in database. MS SQL Server
  • Windows for dev and prod.
Auction Management
Web / Mobile / Windows
  • Inventory management. Cordova, jQuery, Objective-C, Java
  • Accessing hospital patient info. Native platforms
  • Real-time and sync to server
Mobile Integration
Web Design / HealthcareIT
  • Choropleth, bubble, topo maps.
  • Charts - bar, scatter, etc.
  • Consulting on appropriate representation so as to not mis-represent meaning.
  • Statistics major.
  • Easily embedded in web page with home-grown library on top of d3.
Data Visualization
Data Visualization
  • Large-scale, loosely-coupled, message-passing.
  • Dynamically-reconfigurable.
  • Distributed information retrieval integrating multiple databases.
  • In field at large goverment agency.
Distributed Systems
Distributed Systems
  • Front-end web app for researchers to review psuedonomized patient data.
  • Front-end web app for physicians to re-identify and review patient data.
  • Encryption/Decryption protecting data and ensure HIPAA compliance.
Clinical Study Recruitment
Web Design / HealthcareIT
  • Real-time monitoring of software installed at all customer sites.
  • Dashboard summaries and instant alerts based on events at sites.
  • Uses ActiveMQ for message passing.
  • Allowed company to keep customers' down time to a minimum.
  • Time critical.
Remote Site Monitoring
Message Passing / Real-Time
  • App development that connects mobile, desktop, wearable components via the cloud.
  • Time/Project management for tech consultants.
  • Apple platform - phone, tablet, desktop, watch.
Cloud - Desktop - Mobile - Wearable
Multi-footprint / Cloud

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